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What does your service cost?

For thoroughbred customers, the pricing can be found here: Thoroughbred Pricing. We charge for any horse in active or tracking status. As the number of horses you have go up, the pricing per horse per month goes down. We calculate a charge every month. We charge for any horse that was active or tracking for any time period during the month. For example, if you are managing 32 thoroughbreds in your operation, your price tier would cost you $9.90 per horse, per month. So your monthly bill would be 32 x $9.90 = $316.80

For equestrian and other customers, the pricing can be found here: Equestrian/Other Pricing.  For these customers, pricing is tiered so that you pay the same amount for a range of horses. For example, if you have 24 horses in your operation, you would fall in the range of 16-30 horses and would be charged $60 total per month. NOTE: This is not a charge per horse, like for thoroughbreds.

For both thoroughbred and equestrian/other customers, we count horses as being billable for the month if they are in active or tracking status for any period of time during the month.

There is a different structure for these two types of customers because of the built in fixed cost of the equineline subscription you get with thoroughbreds. For more information see: