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What are groups and permissions?

All individuals who are granted access to the system must be placed in a User Group.  Each User Group has a set of permissions which allow for the various features of the system to either be Managed, set to View only, or Denied access..  The system has three default Groups which usually meet the needs of most customers.  The system default groups whose permission settings are read only are:

  • Office Administrators – The most powerful user group allowing Management access to all system functionality.
  • Operations Staff – A more limited set of permissions intended for staff members who care for and complete horse care activities.
  • Owners – Assign the horse owners to this group to give them appropriate access to view information specific to their owned horses.

If the permission settings of the three default groups do not meet the needs for one or more of your system users, iStable allows for you to create custom user groups and define your own permissions settings.

An example of a subset of the permissions for the Owner’s User Group is shown below.