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Using the Jockey Club Equineline Search to Add a Thoroughbred

Add A Thoroughbred Horse to iStable:

1. To add a Thoroughbred to iStable, simply click Add Horse from the Left-hand tool-bar.


2. A new window will appear providing data collections fields for adding for a horse. Click the Green Jockey Club Search Button.


3.  A Pop-up window appears. Enter either the horses Name, or the Dam Name and Year of Birth. Click Submit. A list of potential matches will appear. Select the correct match and then click Select.


4. All key information pertaining to the horse, including Foaling Date, Sire, Dam, Dam Sire, Breeder, Colorand all available Sales/Auction information will now be auto-populated on the Create Horse page. Simply addOwnership and Location info to complete the process and click Save.