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Thoroughbred Industry Features


Automated Horse Look-up

Automatically search for and import key horse details such as horse name, sire, dam, dam sire, foaling date and breeder information. Eliminate data entry through one automated interface.

Thoroughbred Features Entries and Results

Integrated Race Entry & Results

Race entries and results are automatically imported and appended to a horse record within the system’s record. Never enter entry and results information again while automatically keeping your owners informed of results.

Thoroughbred features Workouts

Recorded workouts

Automatically receive recorded workouts directly within your horse’s iStable record.

Thoroughbred Features Catalogue Style Pedigree

Catalogue style pedigrees

Each tracked iStable horse is eligible for one free catalogue style pedigree every 90 days!

Thoroughbred Features Family Updates

Family Updates

Family updates impacting your horse’s pedigree are automatically logged by iStable with notifications delivered to all parties maintaining access to the system.

Thoroughbred Features Set List


Streamline set-list creation via iStable’s intuitive set-list creation feature.

Thoroughbred Featres License Foal Silks

Silks, Foal Paper & Licensing Management

Manage silks and foal paper location while also keeping track of silks location.

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