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Activity Pricing Overrides for a Client and/or a Client’s Horse

Overview iStable allows for activity pricing to generally be maintained for your entire operation or you can be more specific and have unique pricing which varies by horse.  In addition to these standard approaches there are two levels of pricing overrides available to handle unique scenarios. Client(Owner) Overrides – This allows for any unique prices…

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Are there other costs?

For thoroughbreds, an updated pedigree is available for free every 90 days. If you want a pedigree earlier than the 90 day cycle, you can order an extra pedigree (from the horse details screen). You will be billed $8.00 for that pedigree.

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What does your service cost?

For thoroughbred customers, the pricing can be found here: Thoroughbred Pricing. We charge for any horse in active or tracking status. As the number of horses you have go up, the pricing per horse per month goes down. We calculate a charge every month. We charge for any horse that was active or tracking for any…

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When do I get billed?

We set the billing day to the day of the month that you subscribed. If you subscribed on April 7th, your billing cycle will always end on the 7th of each month. One small caveat is if you subscribe toward the end of the month. If you subscribe on the 29th, 30th, 31st of any…

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