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Summary or Detailed Activity Presentation on Client Invoices

Overview iStable offers both a summary and detailed view option when presenting an activity billing line on a client’s invoice.  For many activities a single summary invoice line is the desired presentation – for example 30 days of  Day Rate.  There are other activities though that it is desirable to break out as a separate…

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MUST READ: Assigning a Person to Client(s)

Apart from the Horse itself, People and Client records are critical pieces of data in iStable.  Properly establishing these items and “relating” one to the other is what makes client (owner) communication seamlessly flow and displays the appropriate horses to each owner as they log in utilizing their People (User) account. As a reminder, Client…

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What are groups and permissions?

All individuals who are granted access to the system must be placed in a User Group.  Each User Group has a set of permissions which allow for the various features of the system to either be Managed, set to View only, or Denied access..  The system has three default Groups which usually meet the needs…

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Using the Jockey Club Equineline Search to Add a Thoroughbred

Add A Thoroughbred Horse to iStable: 1. To add a Thoroughbred to iStable, simply click Add Horse from the Left-hand tool-bar. 2. A new window will appear providing data collections fields for adding for a horse. Click the Green Jockey Club Search Button. 3.  A Pop-up window appears. Enter either the horses Name, or the…

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IMPORTANT: Understanding “Clients” and “People”

Clients versus People What’s the difference, and how are they used in iStable? After viewing the information below, see this How-To article to easily associate your people and clients in iStable. Diagram Review the diagram below and the notes following to get a clear overview on this important setup issue.   Definitions Client Horses are…

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Getting Started – First steps in iStable

Getting started with iStable… the basics of adding Facilities, Clients, People, and Horses 1. Facilities – In the Administration | Facilities menu select +Add Facility.  2. Clients – the Client Entity represents the Individual or Business which owns one or more horses in your stable. Establish the clients who own the horse(s). 3. People – People…

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