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Explaining the “Tracking” Status for Thoroughbred Horses

Thoroughbred horses may be set to a status of Tracking within iStable. Tracking status typically pertains to hoses that are no longer in a user’s direct care, however, the user desires to continue to receive pedigree updates, notice of entries,workouts and results, as well as quarterly pedigrees. Horses in Tracking status maintain no additional functionality…

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Change the status of a horse

To change the status of a horse, follow these simple steps. 1. Locate the horse from the horse listing and Click on their Name. 2. From within the Horse’s Details Page, Locate the Status Field. 3. Select a Status from the drop-down and Click Save. Note that status types include Active, Inactive,  Permanently Delete, and Tracking.…

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Using the Jockey Club Equineline Search to Add a Thoroughbred

Add A Thoroughbred Horse to iStable: 1. To add a Thoroughbred to iStable, simply click Add Horse from the Left-hand tool-bar. 2. A new window will appear providing data collections fields for adding for a horse. Click the Green Jockey Club Search Button. 3.  A Pop-up window appears. Enter either the horses Name, or the…

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