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Summary or Detailed Activity Presentation on Client Invoices

Overview iStable offers both a summary and detailed view option when presenting an activity billing line on a client’s invoice.  For many activities a single summary invoice line is the desired presentation – for example 30 days of  Day Rate.  There are other activities though that it is desirable to break out as a separate…

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Activity Pricing Overrides for a Client and/or a Client’s Horse

Overview iStable allows for activity pricing to generally be maintained for your entire operation or you can be more specific and have unique pricing which varies by horse.  In addition to these standard approaches there are two levels of pricing overrides available to handle unique scenarios. Client(Owner) Overrides – This allows for any unique prices…

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Mass Deletion of Completed Activities

There are times when many transactions representing completed care activities, technology service fees, or automated daily items (Day Rates, Boarding, Stall Rent, etc.) may accidentally be recorded inaccurately and a need arises to simply delete them.  While you may delete unwanted activities one at a time, iStable also allows for many activities to be deleted…

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