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MUST READ: Assigning a Person to Client(s)

Apart from the Horse itself, People and Client records are critical pieces of data in iStable.  Properly establishing these items and “relating” one to the other is what makes client (owner) communication seamlessly flow and displays the appropriate horses to each owner as they log in utilizing their People (User) account.

As a reminder,

  • Client represents an Owner of the horse (This individual or Company who will receive the bill).
  • People represent individuals who receive communications and if granted access by the iStable Administrator, may login in to the system.  People are the individuals who are associated with the Client organizations / individual.  The client may be an individual owner (i.e. John Smith) and in this case we STILL need to add a Person record for John Smith.
    • What if John Smith also has a spouse, brother, extended family, other business associates, friends, etc. who are not the actual owners of the horse (remember the Client “record” owns the horse) but who John wants to receive racing updates, see pictures and videos, etc about his horse?  Easy, add these other individuals as People also and associate them to John’s Client record.
    • But what if John buys another horse, how do I allow all of these people to have access to the new horse’s information?  This is where the power of relating People to Clients comes in – you don’t have to do anything additional – the system already knows which people have access to which Client’s horses because you already associated them earlier!
    • Finally, what if John is also a member of another racing partnership group who owns other horses in your iStable – do I have to add another People record for him again for his other partnership group?  Nope – you simply associate his one person record to the other Client record also.  Now he will be associated to two clients and see information for the horses owned by both clients that he is associated to.  Couldn’t be easier.


KEY CONCEPT -> When adding Clients (Owners) to the system, you should also add a Person record AND assign that person to his/her client.

Associating People to a Client is really easy – just don’t forget to do it!

Basic Steps

In the screenshot below I am beginning at the Details tab of the People record for John Smith (I previously added John’s People record and saved it). Before associating John’s people record to his Client record, I want to mention the two red highlighted areas in the Notification area at the bottom of the page.

First, the system is warning you that this person (who is an owner, not an employee) is not associated with any Client records and explains that therefore even though you have set the Automated Notifications to YES, he will not receive any until you do so. Secondly, I want to point out the Notifications themselves – you must set these to Active for the people you add so they will start to receive notifications for the horses which are owned by the Clients they are associated to.

Next click the “Clients” link in the left hand navigation menu.



The Clients page when initially displayed appears as shown below.

Note that the List of clients is empty and the system states “No Clients”

Click the Add Client button at the top of the page.



The system displays the Add Client Dialog.

2015-07-28_11-09-59 The dialog lists all of the Clients you have loaded in iStable.  In our case we are associating John Smith’s People record to his Client record so we will select John Smith from the list.


Just as an example, the Client record for Velocity Thoroughbred Racing, LLC is also present.  This is an example of a client owner who is a corporate organization as opposed to an individual.  The point is that whether the owner is an individual or corporate organization, they are all “Clients” in iStable to which People records may be associated.




After associating the Person to the Client, the Client listing for that Person will display the associated client as appears below.  That’s it!  John Smith’s people (user account) will start receiving notifications and have visibility to all horses owned by the John Smith Client record.




This final screenshot of the Client listing for a Person is included to display an example of a single Person account who is associated to multiple Clients.  In this case John Smith has his own Client record association for the horses he individually owns and he is also a part of the Velocity Racing Partners, LLC organization which also owns horses you manage in iStable.  So his single People account has been associated to both Clients.



For additional reading and diagram concerning Horses, Clients, People and their relationships, see this help article.