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Mass Deletion of Completed Activities

There are times when many transactions representing completed care activities, technology service fees, or automated daily items (Day Rates, Boarding, Stall Rent, etc.) may accidentally be recorded inaccurately and a need arises to simply delete them.  While you may delete unwanted activities one at a time, iStable also allows for many activities to be deleted at once.


Mass Activity Deletion

  • First access the Billing Transaction History page within the left hand Finance menu.
  • At the top of the listing is a button to Delete the number of transactions presently in the listing.  Of course you will want to filter the listing to display only the transactions you desire to delete.  It is recommended that you utilize the Advanced Filter option as shown in the example to filter the list to just the transactions you desire to delete.  In the example the Activities have been filtered by Service Date (June 2015 – July 2015) and by the Activity itself (only Board activities).
  • Upon clicking the Delete Transaction button, the system will prompt you twice to be sure you really want to Delete the transactions as they may not be recovered.
  • Important Note: Notice in the screenshot the Activity indicated by the #2 marker.  This transaction has already been billed based on the Client Billed count column being greater than zero and note that the Delete button is also not present by this activity record.  Billed transactions may not be deleted.  This transaction is included in the transaction count present on the Delete button but even when Deleting the transactions on the list, it will not actually be deleted and thus will remain.  Only unbilled transactions will be deleted individually or by the Mass Delete function.