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iStable Web Platform Release – 9/17/2015

iStable Announces 9/17/2015 Web Platform Release

This release includes the following new features and system updates:

Horse Custom Information

iStable is excited to release this highly requested feature .  You may now maintain your own custom notes information about each horse organized by your own categories.  Additionally there are no limits to the number of categories you may have.  So for example, maybe you want to main a category of Custom Information notes called “Exercise Equipment”.  You add this category and then it is available for adding notes to for all of the horses in your stable.  For example, when a horse ships to a new facility or track, the staff at that facility can now easily look at the horse’s Custom Information Notes and immediately be up to speed with that horse’s needs – no more mistakes or guessing.  Other ideas for custom Categories of notes include

  • Exercise Equipment
  • Shoes Types and Sizes
  • Medications / Medical Procedures
  • Special Care Instructions


The Custom Information Categories and their Notes are managed and viewed on the Horse Details tab.


Note that any previously existing Notes you entered on the single Horse Details tab notes field have been transferred to a new Custom Information Category called “General” as a part of this new feature.

The iOS and Android applications will soon see this same functionality as well.


Client(Owner) Billing Enhancements

The billing enhancements continue!  Three new options have been added to the Process Invoice page:


Display Customer’s Accounts Receivable Balance

When enabled, iStable will place a summary at the top of the invoice presenting the Customer’s Accounts Receivable activity from the Prior invoice through this current invoice as shown below.  If using this feature be sure to apply any customer payments in the iStable Accounts Receivable module.


Include Horse Summary Page

When enabled, the first page of the invoice will contain a summary listing of each horse and the total charges for that horse, along with the Client (Owner) Direct charges to arrive at the invoice total.  This is a great way to present a summary to your client.  The detailed listing of all charges for each horse are then presented on the following pages of the invoice as support for the summary page totals for each horse.  Try it out, we think you and your clients will like this!

Page Break by Horse

Finally, to help locate the start of each horse’s detailed charges within an invoice, you may elect to have the invoice page break for each horse.   Another way to make the invoice even easier to read – especially for those owners with many horses.


***If you are not already billing your clients/owners using iStable, you really need to give it a try.  It is one of the largest value adds iStable offers its customers.  Easily record your billable activities throughout the month using the web or your phone and then billing at the end of the month is simple and quick.  Remember you can process a billing run to look at how these options appear on your invoices and if you decide against your choice, simply delete that invoice batch from the Manage Invoices page.***



Hiding Horse Ownership Permission

There are occasions when it is desired to not display who are the various owners of a horse.  For each Group you assign a user to in iStable, there is a Group setting for “Horse: Ownership”.  When this permission is set to ‘Deny’, with this release the ownership of a horse is removed from display in the following areas of the application:

  • All Horse Specific Pages – previously the owners and their percentages were displayed in the left hand margin of each horse related tab.
  • The Ownership tab itself is removed (this has always been the behavior)
  • The All Horses listing page.

IMPORTANT: The Apple iOS & Android mobile applications are being submitted to the App Store and Google Play stores the week of  9/21/2015.  Once approved, the updated apps will also hide this information on the Horse Details tab and the ability to Filter the Horse Listing by Owner will no be present.

None of the the three default iStable groups (Office Administrators, Operations Staff, Owners) have this Permission set to Deny.  Therefore if you desire to set this permission to Deny in order to utilize this new feature, under the People > Groups menu select to Add New Group and set its Horse Ownership permission to ‘Deny’.  Next assign the appropriate User accounts in the People section to your newly created group.



Horse Default Thumbnail Picture

With this release there is a new way to designate the horse’s thumbnail picture.  When uploading a picture a new field is present titled “Set as Default Thumbnail Image” which should be set to ‘Yes’ to make the picture the thumbnail picture.  In this manner any picture type (Marketing, Conformation, Racing, etc…) can be used as the default headshot picture.

Note: The upcoming release of the iOS and Android applications will implement this same functionality.