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iStable Web Platform Release – 8/26/2015

iStable Announces 8/26/2015 Web Platform Release

iStable placed significant focus this release on new features and enhancements related to the billing process and the related invoices.  We have been listening to your feedback and working hard to deliver.  Along with the billing enhancements is another key new feature – help content built right into the web pages – read more below.

This release includes the following new features and system updates:

Help Content in the iStable Application

iStable has always offered help articles and instructional videos in our iStable Help and Support  area of this site  but now we have expanded further to offer help within the pages of the web application itself.  On many pages of the site there will now be Red Question Mark icons RedHelpQuestionMark.  Click the icon for guided help through many aspects of that specific page.

Invoices – Separate Invoice Files by Client/Owner

One of our recently most requested features is for iStable to not only generate a summary invoice PDF file with all Clients/Owners as it always has but to also output individual PDF invoice files for each invoice for each Client.  When an invoice batch includes billing for more than one client it will generate a ZIP file containing the summary PDF file of all invoices as well as individually named PDF invoice files for each client.  Each of the separate client specific PDF invoice files can then easily be attached to emails and sent to the clients for payment.  With this enhancement, you no longer need to run separate invoice batches for each client to obtain a separate client invoice file.

Invoices – Include Activity Notes on the Invoice

Another of our most popular requests is the ability to display any notes recorded for a Horse Activity  on the client invoice itself with that activity.  This is now a flexible new feature of iStable.  When recording an activity (or afterwards through the editing of an activity) you may select to include this Activity’s notes on the client invoice.

The last iStable release introduced the ability to designate that an Activity be either summarized into a single invoice line for the billing period or separately list each occurrence on the invoice.  If the Activity is configured to be summarized on the invoice and you record notes for multiple instances of that activity through the billing period, each note will be separately listed with its Activity Date under the summarized single line for that activity on the invoice.

This is a great way to communicate these extra details regarding a billing line to the client as a part of streamlined process of recording your horse care activities.

Invoicing  By Horse – Optionally also Include Client/Owner Direct Charges

iStable offers the ability to bill by Client or bill by specific Horses.  When billing by horse a new option has been added that allows you to include any Client Direct Charges (i.e. non horse specific Activity Charges) that you may have recorded during the billing period for the owner(s) of the horses which are being billed.

 Invoices – Ability to Choose Fields Included in the Invoice Description Field

Different iStable customers want to include different levels of detail in the Description field of the client/owner invoices.  When processing invoicing the system now allows you to designate which fields to include in the Description field.  The available fields include:

  • Horse Name
  • Activity Occurrence Count
  • Client’s Ownership Percentage of the Activity
  • Full Unit Price – The total cost of the Activity prior to applying the owner’s percentage ownership

You can now select to display all or only some of the fields as you desire.


Invoices – Billing Period Display

When billing for a specific date range of Activities, the header of the client/owner invoice now displays the billing period which the invoice represents.  For example if billing for the month of July, the invoice will state  ‘Billing for Period: 7/1/2015-7/31/2015‘.


Activity Center – Mass Delete Activities

iStable comes with a set of Activities to get you started but we highly encourage you to modify the Activities by adding your own and deleting those that are not necessary for your operation.  When it comes to the task of deleting unnecessary activities, you may now select many at a time and select the ‘Edit Selected’ button at the top of the listing.  In the dialog there is a new option to Delete all of the selected items at once.  Another quick and easy way to make the Activity Center your own in short order!


Activity Center – Maintaining Page Position when Editing Activities

You may have noticed when editing or deleting Activity Center items that if you were working on any page of the listing other than the first, when you were done editing iStable always returned to the first page of the listing.  This small change allows for large productivity increases as now the system will remain on the current page of items you are editing.  Note that some other listing pages in the system were also performing the same way and have also been changed with this enhancement.