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iStable Web Platform Release – 6/30/2016

iStable Announces 6/30/2016 Web Platform Release

This release includes the following new features and system updates:

Horse Ownership History

Significant enhancements have been made to viewing and managing the ownership of a horse.

Full Historical Display

Previously only the current owners of a horse were displayed on the Horse Ownership page for each horse.  With this release the entire history of ownership you have maintained for the horse is now displayed.

 Ownership History

Editing Ownership History

Additionally, the historical ownership history may now be easily adjusted as needed. When updating previous ownership you specify the Ownership From and To dates and specify the owners(clients) and their percentage ownership for that time period.

Ownership History Update

Existing Recorded Activities – Any existing unbilled activities for the horse will have their ownership updated to reflect the changes made (billed activities are never updated).  When these activities are then billed they will reflect the updated ownership information.

Adding / Editing Historical Activities

Previously all Activities added for a horse were recorded with the owners at their respective percentages based on the current owners of the horse.  Now when Activities are recorded, the system will record the ownership based on the historical ownership as of the activity date.  In this manner, when an activity is recorded for an earlier period, if the horse had different ownership the system will accurately assign those previous owners to that activity.

Note that if you attempt to record an activity with an activity date for which the system does not have an ownership record, the system will alert the user and the horses historical ownership may be adjusted to reflect that activity date.


Adding Activities for Inactive Horses

A highly requested feature is the ability to add Activities to horses which have been inactivated.  This may occur when a horse is no longer under your care and has been inactivated, yet vendor bills are received after the inactivation date and still need to be billed to the owners.  iStable now allows for Activities to be added to inactivated horses.  When doing so the activity date must be prior to the date the horse was inactivated.

Online Condition Book Search

The online condition book was introduced in the previous iStable release.  It has seen significant usage since being made available online and presently has over 7,000 races present.  One of the filters available is the Age Condition when searching for races.  This filter required you to pick specific age conditions – for example “3” & “3,4,5” &” & “3+” to see races for 3 year olds.  Based on customer feedback, an easier and new way to filter for all races that a 3 year old horse is eligible is to now simply enter the age of “3”.  This is the new default method.  You may still optionally chose specific age conditions as before as well.

New Default Method

Condition Book Age Search

Optional Method

Condition Book Age Search


Introducing iStable iOS Mobile Online Condition Book Search

Tired of carrying all of those paper condition books around?  iStable is pleased to announce the pending release of the full condition book search functionality in the palm of your hand in the iStable iOS mobile application.  With all of the same robust search functionality present in the iStable web application, the iOS app Condition Book search will be an indispensable tool for finding just the races you are looking for across North America.  Selecting a race from the results will even open the actual condition book .  Additionally, your default search criteria are saved between searches so no need to waste time re-keying the same criteria each time you search.  Your last used search criteria will be present in both the Web and mobile versions.


iOS Condition Book Filters        iOS Condition Book Results

The new iOS version has been submitted to the Apple App store and is expected to be approved and made available within the next week – keep checking your app updates!


Other Enhancements and Bug Fixes

New Account Sign Up

When a tenant adds a new user to their stable, on occasion those users have been confused and actually chosen the option to create their own stable when signing up instead of joining the existing stable to which they were invited.  The system will now notify new users when signing up in this manner that they already have an open invite to an existing stable and can simply login to that stable.

Horse Status Effective Date

For informational purposes, on the Horse Details page next to the Horse Status field the system now presents the date and time the horse was set to its current status.

Foal Papers Locations

The bug causing these fields on the Horse Details page to not display their values has been corrected.