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iStable Web Platform Release – 5/5/2016

iStable Announces 5/5/2016 Web Platform Release

This release includes the following new features and system updates:

Set List Report

Our previous release addressed the issue of long horse names being truncated on the Set List report.  As a result though, the extra set column width to allow for longer horse names caused fewer sets to be available on a single page.  This release puts the flexibility in the user’s hands by allowing the user to select how wide the set list column is on the report.  In this way you can elect to fit as many sets as you may reasonably need on a single sheet of paper.  The Set List Set Width may be set in the Set List Print Export Dialog displayed each time a Set List is printed. (Thoroughbred Tenant Feature)

Set List Width Setting


Horse Name Update

Thoroughbred Horses which are subscribed to the Equineline subscription service will now always display an Update Name button underneath the Horse Name field.  Clicking this button will update the horse’s name to the currently registered name with the Jockey Club.  This is helpful whenever a horse which was initially added to the system as an unnamed horse is officially named and you need to update the name in iStable.  Additionally, in those cases where a horse’s name is simply changed, select the Update Name button to receive this update.

The system will also now check to make sure a newly named horse is not accidentally added a second time if it is already present in iStable as an unnamed horse with an existing Equineline subscription.

Update Name Option

People User Accounts – System Access Emails

The process of sending users their System Access Email has been streamlined and made more informative.  When creating a new user account in the People section, the Send Initial Access Email button will be disabled until the user account is first saved.  At that time the button may be clicked and the System Access Email will be immediately sent.  If the email has previously been sent, the button label will display “Resend Access Email”.  In this way the administrator will be aware who has previously been sent System Access emails.

The final enhancement in this area is notifying the administrator when pushing the Send Access Email button if the user is not an employee and:

  1. The user is not assigned to any Clients in the Assigned to Clients section of this page.
  2. The user is assigned to client(s) but none of the assigned clients are set as owners of any horses.

In both of the above cases, if the email is still sent the user may log in but may be confused because they will not have any horses which they may view.  The system will display a warning message in both cases to ensure that you still desire to send the System Access email.


New User Initial Email


View when initially setting up a user


Resend Email

View after the email has been sent at least once


System Access Email No Clients

System Access Email No Owned Horses

Warning Messages if user will not see any horses when logging in


Stakes Calendar Nomination Date Searches

There are now three options when searching the Stakes Race Calendar by nomination date – Open, Upcoming Week, and Today.  When selecting Open you may specify any start and end date while Upcoming week and Today allow for quick single click access to those specific date periods.


Stake Calendar Dates

Login Page

The style of the login page has been refreshed but we also want to take a moment to remind everyone that the quickest and most reliable URL Address to access the iStable application is at

Please bookmark that url in your browser.  On occasion maintenance to the iStable public site located at will occur and it may be offline but the actual iStable application is still online and available for use at


Small Bug Fixes

Notable bug fixes included in this release:

  • Horse Owner Notes – Certain characters were not displaying properly on the Notes listing page.
  • Deleting Facilities – When no horses are assigned to a facility, the facility may now be deleted.