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iStable Web Platform Release – 5/26/2015

iStable Announces Web Platform Release

This release includes the following new features and system updates

Automated Notification Enhancements

First, a quick refresher:

In order for horse owners to receive notifications they must:

  1. Have an account established in the PEOPLE section.
  2. The owner’s account must then be assigned to the Client organization (create din the CLIENT section).  It is the Client organization that is assigned ownership of the horse in the Horse Ownership area.

It is the relationship between a Person’s account and their Client organization and then the Client to owning a horse that allows for the person to be notified of all the events pertaining to their horse(s).

Easy and effective owner communication is a core feature and competitive advantage of iStable trainers and farm managers.  This release contains features to ensure that you have your owner’s accounts configured properly to receive these notifications.  The new enhancements to assist you in this effort follow:

Location – To simplify this process, the selection of the specific notifications that are enabled (i.e. Workouts, Results, Media, Owner’s Notes, etc.) for a specific user’s person account, has been moved from its previously separate page and included directly on the Person’s Detail page in the People section.

Alerts and Messages:

Person Detail Page – In the notifications area, helpful messages are displayed explaining if the current person’s account is properly configured to receive the automated notifications.  For example, if a person has activated specific notifications for their account but the account is not assigned to any Client Organizations, then this account will not receive notifications and this information will be displayed to the administrator for awareness.

Client Listing Page – A new column has been added showing the total number of People Accounts which have been assigned to each client.  When a client has no People accounts assigned then you know that no owner accounts are receiving notifications.  Owner accounts must be assigned to their Client account in order to receive notifications.  This serves as a quick and easy way to look down your list of Clients and spot those that have no assigned owner accounts.

Adding New Clients – A short notice at the top of the page has been added to remind you to assign the related owner accounts to the new client.

Client Details Page

  • If a client has no associated owner accounts, a message will be displayed at the top of the page notifying you of this status.
  • An email field related to the client organization(not the people/owner accounts related to the client) is available as general information to be captured about the organization.  This email field is not related to sending out the emails to the owners individual email accounts)


Send Automated Notifications to people without System Access

Previously the system would not send out notifications if the person had never logged into the system or if their account was designated as not permitted to have system access (System Access flag was set to ‘No’ on account).  This release now enables automated emails to also be sent to those individuals who you do not allow to have Access to the system for purposes of logging in.  In this manner you can greatly increase your communications (and customer satisfaction) to owners and other interested parties even without allowing them access to login to your stable.  Simply activate the desired notifications on the person’s account detail page.  Remember the individual must have an email address entered and be associated to a Client organization with horse ownership.

Accounts Receivable Module

A major functional release is the ability to track your Client Invoicing, Payments, and related Open Accounts Receivable balances.  For those iStable customers who do not manage accounts receivable in third party Accounting software like QuickBooks, iStable now provides its own fully integrated module for managing the ongoing Accounts Receivable.  Highlights of the new module introduced with this release are:

  • Summary Accounts Receivable
    • Display of all Clients and their current Open Accounts Receivable and related Accounts Receivable Aging
  • Detailed Accounts Receivable
    • Flexible display of all invoices and their open balances by client
    • Views to see all invoices (paid and open) or only Paid
    • Detailed and Summary view – allows for drill down from the summary balance by invoice to the related detail of payments and adjustments applied to the invoice
  • Cash and Adjustment Application
    • Checks from clients may be recorded in iStable against the open Invoice balances
    • Miscellaneous payments or adjustments are also supported

See a short video overview of the functionality here.

Invoice by Client or Horse

Previously iStable allowed for invoicing by one or more clients at a time for each invoice batch.  With this release we have introduced the ability to generate an invoice for a specific horse or horses to allow for even finer control and flexibility of the contents of an invoice.  Please note that Billing by Horse will generate a separate invoice for each client which owns the selected horses. Non horse related activities like Client Direct charges will not be included as they do not relate directly to a horse.


Time Zone Setting

For the iStable subscribing user, under your user profile settings on the subscription tab you may establish your home Time Zone for your tenant.  This time zone is used to control which horse activity transactions are included in the billing process when specifying date ranges for billing.