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iStable Major Web Platform Release – 4/3/2016

iStable Announces 4/3/2016 Major Web Platform Release


iStable no longer requires a Credit Card when creating your iStable account

Before discussing the great new features included in one of the largest iStable updates yet, it is important to note that iStable no longer requires new tenants to provide a credit card when creating their iStable account.  iStable will only request a credit card when the user elects to utilize a feature of the iStable platform that will incur charges.  This allows for all tenants to browse the shop at iStable and utilize the collection of Free Tools introduced with this release while not having a credit card on file.

Introducing Shop iStable!

Leveraging the technology within the iStable Office platform, company management sourcing the most effective equine care products available, and the power of collective buying and pricing, Shop iStable provides equine professionals with a complete end-to-end platform for fulfilling all of their stable supply needs.

Furthermore, clients of Shop iStable can maximize their dollars spent through the Shop iStable rewards program.  3.5% of all dollars spent at Shop iStable are instantly credited back to each client for use within the iStable platform, including the iStable Office suite of stable management software tools.

Shop iStable

Some notes regarding how Shop iStable is configured and managed for your account.

  • All purchases will be charged to the credit card on file when you established your iStable subscription.
  • The Shop link in the left hand navigation is only displayed to those users in User Groups who have the Purchases permission set to ‘Manage’.  A reminder, your iStable subscription has three default non editable user groups.  The Office Administrator group is the only group which has the Purchase permission set to Manage and thus users in this group may make purchases.  Users in the Office Staff and Owners groups are denied this permission and may not make purchases.  If you have established any custom user groups for your stable, you may want to review the group’s Purchases setting to ensure it is set as desired.

Scroll down the Permissions listing for the group and under the general category you may set the Permissions rights as you desire.

Groups Permissions

Groups Purchase Permission


Free Tools

iStable is very pleased to announce three new and highly sought after tools to make obtaining the information for managing your stable easier than ever.

These are available for free to all users  – simply set up your free account at iStable.

Thoroughbred Searchable Racing Conditions Book

iStable now proudly offers the industry’s first free, searchable Conditions Book Index. This has easily been one of our most highly requested features. No more dealing with paper indexes for multiple tracks trying to find the appropriate races.  iStable allows you to search, filter and sort by all the criteria you could want including:

  • Tracks
  • Age Condition
  • Sex Condition
  • Race types
  • Claiming Amount
  • Distance
  • Surface
  • Time
  • State Bred Designation

At the time of this release there are over 5,000 races across 26 different tracks in the index!  And just like all of iStable, this index is easy to access and use on your mobile phone or tablet browser while you are on the go.


Stakes Calendar

Have you always wanted an easy way to find all Stakes’ nominations closing this week? Would you like to search for upcoming nominations by Track, Age, Condition or Distance? Your search is over and the answer is now here!

iStable’s Free Stakes Race Calendar allows you to quickly find nomination deadlines, search for Stakes’ races across one, or multiple tracks, as well as easily review nomination fees associated with each upcoming race.



Industry Directory

iStable now contains an Industry Directory allowing quick access to key organizations and their contacts all without having to leave the iStable platform.  The directory is easily searchable by both organization and contacts within the organization.  A variety of industry contacts are already present and if you would like to see more added, please contact us and let us know!


Horse Open Activities Listing

This page by default still shows all Open (non completed) Activities which are due by the end of the current day.  But now iStable has introduced a drop down filter to allow you to choose to alternatively see ‘All Future Activities after Today’ or simply ‘All Activities’.  Remember this list always only shows those Open (non completed) scheduled activities for the horse.  Completed Activities may be viewed in the Completed Activities tab.  This same filtering feature is also present when viewing Open Activities for all of your horses in the Mass Horse Functions menu.



Racing Commissions Default Transaction Date now set to Race Date

Previously the default Transaction Date was set to the current date when entering a race commission.  iStable now defaults the Transaction Date to the date of the race result.  You may still override this date on the commission entry page if you desire.


Set Lists – Horse Names Cut Off in PDF Printout

Long horse names were at times being cut off on the Set List PDF printout.  This has been addressed with this release.