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iStable Web Platform Release – 4/29/2015

iStable Announces Web Platform Release

This release includes the following new features and system updates

All Horses iStable Media Library

Now all of the media (pictures and videos) which has been loaded to iStable for all horses may be viewed in a single, centralized view under the Mass Horse Functions menu item ‘All Media’.  This view allows for filtering and searching across all media to quickly find the picture or video you are searching for.

All Horses iStable Document Library

Just as with Media, all of the Documents loaded for all horses are also available in a single, centralized view under the Mass Horse Functions menu item ‘All Documents’.


Logistical Move Date Editing / Backdating

When performing a new  or editing an existing horse logistics move you may now enter a specific move date and time.  This is helpful when a move is not recorded in a timely manner and there is a need to back date the move when entering it.  A new toggle switch has been added titled “Send Notification”.  By default, on new moves this is set to “Yes”, while on an existing move it is set to “No”.  When set to “Yes” and a move is performed between Facilities (not for barn or stall moves at the same facility) the system will send the automated move notifications to those who have elected to receive them.


Transaction History by Client

A popular request has been the ability to review activity transactions by client in a filterable searchable list as is present in the current Transaction History option in Finance>Billing.  With this release iStable now contains an additional listing option titled “Transaction History by Client”.  This view shows activities detailed at the client level.  A transaction recorded for a horse with multiple owners will have multiple rows present – one for each owning client.  The listing also includes each client’s ownership percentage of the transaction as well as the invoice batch and invoice number if the transaction has been billed.  Please note that the unit price and total price shown (even for the same transaction listed multiple times for the multi-owner situation) is the full price, not the owning clients percentage share.  The percentage share will be calculated and displayed on the invoice itself.


Ownership Percentages – Greater Precision

iStable now supports maintaining the client’s ownership percentage at up to four decimal points of precision.  Previous to the release only whole numbers may be entered.


Racing Performance Summary – Prior YTD Statistics

Thoroughbred tenants are presented with a Racing Performance summary detailing their stable’s total Month To Date and Year To Date Race Earnings and Race Record.  These amounts are automatically updated with all results from the moment the iStable subscription is started and a horse is added to iStable.  This information is not available for results prior to the horse being added to the system.  To allow for the Racing Performance Year To Date figures to accurately represent the tenant’s operations prior to subscribing to iStable, data for these statistics may now be added to the system.  This adjustment may be made by selecting the ‘Pre iStable Data’ on the Racing Management Overview page in the Performance section.


Workouts – Horses in Workout

All workouts received from the Jockey Club now include the number of horses that were part of that workout.  The workout information will show the horse’s rank and the number of horses in the workout. For example: “2/9”.


  • Custom Horse Information Report – Flexible new reporting option that allows you to custom define the columns of data that you want to have present on the report.
  • Notification Audit Report – Automated communications is one of the key features and benefits of the iStable platform.  The system is very robust in this area and allows tremendous flexibility in determining who receives what communications (i.e. Owners Notes, Racing Information, Logistical moves, etc).  This new report makes it easy to determine for each horse and each person the types of notifications that are enabled or not enabled.
  • Race Report By Client
  • Vitals Tracking Report – a historical viewing of vital measurements for a horse.


Sign Up Process

The signup process has been simplified making this a more user friendly and efficient process.