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iStable Web Platform Release – 4/15/2015

iStable Announces Web Platform Release

This release includes the following new features and system updates

Client Billing – Technology Services Fees

Easily pass along part or all of the daily iStable subscription fee to the horse owners for the new value added services being provided. For each client you may optionally establish a daily “Technology Services” fee that will be charged to the client at their percentage ownership of each of their horses. This option is on each Client Detail page. The daily fee is calculated each night and will be visible in the Finance Transaction History page for review. These fees will then be aggregated and presented on the Client’s Invoice when Invoice Processing is performed.

Note that prior to enabling this fee, you must establish it’s related Revenue Account. This may be set on the new Billing Settings page in the Finance area.

Race Entries Chart

The Race Entries received from the Jockey Club and displayed in the Horse Racing sections of iStable will now include a link to the Race Entries Chart at Equibase for quick and easy access.

Ability to Delete a Person

People added to the system may be completely deleted from your tenant if necessary. If there is a person who you no longer desire to have present within your tenant, via the People>Details page there is now a ‘Delete Person’ button that when selected will remove the Person’s record from your tenant. The person may no longer be recovered. If the intention is to only remove online system access or receipt of notifications yet still maintain information regarding this individual, do not delete the person but rather toggle the “System Access” to ‘No’.

Automated Email Handling when Horse Status is “Tracking”

iStable offers the following automated email notifications:

  • Race Entry
  • Race Result
  • Change Facility
  • Owner Notes
  • Documents and Multimedia
  • Workout
  • Pedigree Update
  • Set List

When a horse’s status is set to Tracking, the above emails will only be sent to People who have elected to receive them and who are designated as employees. Previously these emails were still being sent to non employees. Horses set to the “Active” status will have these emails sent to people designated as employees and non-employees.

Send Notification Emails to Employees

Prior to this release the system would only send automated emails to individuals who were associated with a client which owned the horse. This new feature introduces a toggle switch on the person’s detail page titled “Receive Automated Notification?” This will only be shown on accounts designated as “Employees”. By setting this switch to “Yes”, the employee may then also receive the automated email notifications for all horses. Non employees will continue to receive only those notifications for the horses owned by clients to which their accounts are associated.

Mass Completing and Deleting Open Activities

Open Activities for a horse may now be mass deleted or completed from the horse’s Open activities page.  Important to note that this action is applied to ALL of the activities currently in the listing.  If this action is desired on a subset of the activities, first filter the listing to obtain the desired list of activities and then perform the Complete All or Delete All operation.

Owner’s Notes and Multimedia Automated Email Notifications

These two key email notifications will now be sent every half an hour with the latest updates to keep both the employees and owner’s alike, who have elected to receive them, updated with this important information.

Set Lists – Custom Color Code Workout Types

The horse cards within a set list are color coded based on the horse’s type of workout. The system by default has a set of predefined colors for various work out types. The system now supports the ability for each tenant to set their own desired colors for each workout type.

Set Lists / People – Exercise Rider Role Modification

Individuals who are assigned the role of ‘Rider’ and ‘Jockey’ will now be displayed to choose from in the Rider field for a horse in a set list. The previous role of “Exercise Rider” has been changed to “Rider”.

Deleting Scheduled Activities

When an existing Scheduled Activity is deleted for a horse (via the horse’s Activity Scheduler Page), the system now properly deletes all previously existing scheduled future events for the horse. The system will also do so when a horse’s status is changed from ‘Active’ to ‘Inactive’, ‘Tracking’, or ‘Permanently Deleted’.

Ability to Delete a Jockey Club Record

The iStable system now allows for a Jockey Club provided record to be deleted. This applies to the following record types:

  1. Workouts
  2. Entries
  3. Results
  4. Pedigree Updates

Default Ready to Bill to ‘Yes’

Previously the process within iStable to bill a client for any transaction in the system required that the transaction first be marked as “Ready to Bill” via the Transaction History screen. The system will now by default mark all recorded transactions as “Ready to Bill.” If there is a transaction that you do not desire to bill when processing an invoice run, that transaction should be edited via the Transaction History screen and set the Ready to Bill flag = ‘No’.  Important Note:  All existing transactions in the system have been updated as “Ready to Bill” = “Y”.  If you do not desire for an earlier existing transaction to be billed in your next billing run be sure to select Edit for this transaction in the Transaction History screen and set the Ready to Bill setting to “N”.

Set List – Persist Sort Setting

Set Lists will now retain the sort order settings (i.e. Sort by Rider, Sort by Groom, etc) that are in place when saving the Set List.

Video Processing Icon in Media Gallery

Videos uploaded to iStable from the Web Application or via the Mobile iOS and Android applications must be processed by iStable before they are made available for playback. Videos which are presently being processed will now show a processing icon in the Horse Gallery until they are available for playback. Note that the processing time varies depending upon the size of the video uploaded.

Activity Center – Display Activity Center Lock Flag

Within the Activity Center the Activity Templates and Horse Specific Activities listing now displays a lock icon to indicate if the template or the specific horse has their Activity Center locked. This is very helpful to quickly and easily identify which Activity Centers are locked or unlocked within the system.

Subscribing User – Now Locked to Office Administrators Group

The initial user who subscribed to the iStable service will no longer be permitted to remove their own system access or change their group assignment from the “Office Administrator” group. This is to ensure that this key user does not accidentally remove their system access or reduce their system functionality.

Activity Types

With this release there are now four different types of Transactions which may be present in Transaction History for billing purposes.

  • Activities
  • Client Direct Charges
  • Client Billed Racing Commissions
  • Technology Services Fees

A new “Type” column is present in the Finance Transaction History view to allow for the easy filtering and sorting of the transactions by these types.

New Reports

  • Race Commissions Client Charge
  • Race Commissions Employee Distribution
  • Open / Scheduled Activities
  • Completed Activities
  • Silks Location – Silks located in a facility’s Jock’s Room are now properly reported as such.
  • Stable Roster – Inactive Horses may be shown by adjusting the defaulted report filter criteria for the Horse Status field and setting it to ‘eq Inactive’.  Also have added the field “Headshot Status” to indicate whether the horse has a headshot image or not.

Ability to Delete Clients and Facilities

With this release the system allows for clients and facilities which are no longer needed to be deleted.