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iStable Web Platform Release – 10/20/2015

iStable Announces 10/20/2015 Web Platform Release

This release includes the following new features and system updates:

Push Notifications have Arrived!

Big News!

iStable now supports mobile push notifications on both Apple iOS and Android devices! All of the same notifications you have been able to receive via emails are now available for instant push notifications.  From the perspective of all parties involved (Farms/Trainers/Owners) push notifications are a great way to immediately communicate regarding all aspects of a horse’s care and performance.  If you have not already done so, please download the iStable mobile application from the Apple App and Google Play stores.

Note that this release of the web application allows for the push notifications settings to be maintained but you will not receive push notifications on your mobile devices until the new mobile apps with the push notification functionality are approved by the Apple App and Google Play stores.  The mobile app updates are anticipated to be approved within the next two weeks.


As seen above, on the person’s user account detail page the notifications section now includes a separate column for Push Notifications.  These may be set independently of the user’s email notifications.  The upcoming iOS mobile app release will also allow for the email and push notifications to be managed in the mobile app’s settings page.


Example of an iOS Race Result Push Notification.




Activities Displayed in Completed Horse Activities – Now You Can Choose!

Which activities are displayed in the Completed Activities page for a horse is now entirely up to you.  As an example, some organizations who record the Automated Daily Item for Daily Board / Day Rate do not desire to show it as a Completed Activity.  In their view only the specific horse care and treatment activities are desired to be shown here.  A new setting on the Activity (select to Edit an Activity in the Activity Center) has been established titled “Display in Completed Horse Activities”.  By setting this to ‘No’ the Activity will not be displayed in the Horse’s Completed Activities list.  You may set this setting for any of the Activities you wish to be treated in this manner.  Do note that even though an activity may not be displayed in Completed Activities, it will always be shown in the Finance Transaction History listing and still of course be available for Client/Owner billing.  By default your existing and any new Activities are set to be displayed.  This setting may be edited at any time.


The Horse Completed Activities Listing – In this example showing the Day Rate item.



The Finance > Horse Activities/Billing Activity Edit screen.






Assigning People (User) Accounts to their Client(s)

iStable has made it easier than ever to establish a user’s account on the system.

Previously after creating a user’s account in the People section, you had to assign that user’s account to their associated horse owning client organization(s) on a separate Client assignment page.  The client assignment is now performed right on the People User Account Details page with the other aspects of the user account set-up.  See the partial screen shot below displaying the new ‘Assigned to Client’ panel on the People Details page.  Remember that you only need to assign users to clients when their ‘Employee’ designation is set to ‘NO’ in the Employee Information area.  By assigning users(owners) to clients they will then have access to view all of the horses owned by those clients(s).