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iStable Apple iOS Platform Release – 11/23/2015

iStable Announces 11/23/2015 Apple iOS 3.7 Release

This release includes the following new features:

Horse Document Library

iStable is pleased to announce the availability of the Horse Document Library.  Now all of the documents you manage for your horse in the iStable web application – care records, racing information and other related information (it’s all up to you) is available for viewing in the app.

Select the More menu from the Horse Details page to select the Documents menu option.  Also note that any document may now be shared directly from the Document Details tab.

With the addition of the Document Library, you will now receive push notifications when new documents are loaded to the document library.  Remember to check your push notifications from the Setting Menu in the app to ensure you are set to receive all of your desired push notifications. New documents may only be added via the iStable web application.


Multimedia and Document Sharing!

Pictures, Videos, and Documents are all now available for sharing via email and text or directly to social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. Select the share option at the top of the Picture, Video, and Document detail views and start sharing today!