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iStable Android Platform Release – 11/13/2015

iStable Announces 11/13/2015 Android 3.0.10 Release

This release includes the following new features and system updates:

Push Notifications

Push Notifications are now available for the following

– New Multimedia (Pictures and Videos)
– Owner’s Notes
– Horse Movements between Facilities
For our Racing customers, the following additional notifications are available:
– Workouts
– Race Entries
– Race Results
– Pedigree Updates
You may manage which notifications you receive via your profile in the iStable web application.

Horse Custom Information

You spoke and we listened! Just like our web application, you may now maintain your own custom horse information in your own categories on the horse details tab. Create your own categories and add your custom information for your horses so you never forget those important details from equipment, to travel, or general care instructions. What you capture is entirely customizable and up to you!