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IMPORTANT: Understanding “Clients” and “People”

Clients versus People

What’s the difference, and how are they used in iStable?

After viewing the information below, see this How-To article to easily associate your people and clients in iStable.


Review the diagram below and the notes following to get a clear overview on this important setup issue.




  • Client
    • Horses are OWNED by client(s).
    • Clients RECEIVE BILLS from you for the services you provide to them and their horses.
    • You can setup multiple clients as an owner of a single horse. The percentages of that ownership will be reflected in how the client invoices are created.
    • Sometimes clients will be company names like ‘ABC Thoroughbreds’ or an individual ‘Bob Jones’. But either way, these are the entities that will receive bills from you for your services.


  • People – People are humans that interact in iStable:
    • May login to iStable.
    • May be associated to a client organization.
    • May be setup as an employee or contractor, which automatically associates them to all horses in your iStable subscription.
    • If an email address is associated to them, they can be setup for notifications on the horses they are associated to.
    • NOTE: For any people setup in the system, you can control which notifications they get or don’t get.
    • NOTE: Some employees may be setup without an email address or without login access to the system. You may want to do that to store information about employees, or to distribute race commissions in iStable.


  • Horse A is owned by an individual, Bob Jones. Bob is setup as both a client and a person, because the Bob Jones CLIENT is where bills will go, but Bob Jones needs to be setup as a person also so that he can:
    • Login to iStable and review activities, pics, videos, documents, etc…
    • Be setup to receive any notifications he wants to receive (workouts, entries, results, family pedigree updates, notes, multimedia, documents, etc…)
  • Horse B is owned by two entities, ABC TBs and XYZ Horses, 50% each.
    • Billable activities will be billed according to ownership percentage to each client.
    • Notice ABC TBs has two people (Sue and Fred) associated with the organization. They can both be setup to get all the notifications for ABC TBs horses.
    • Also, since XYZ owns 50% of horse B, Mark can get notifications on that horse.
  • Horse C is owned by XYZ Horses.
    • Mark is associated to the XYZ Horses organization. He’ll get notifications for Horse B and Horse C, since XYZ has an ownership stake in each horse.
  • Finally, Sam is one of your employees (perhaps a groom, rider, trainer, or office administrator).
    • If Sam is setup with a login, he can access all horses in your stable, and has no client relationships established.
    • If Sam has an email, you can turn on notifications for him on all the horses in your stable.