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How do I setup a horse with multiple owners so that each activity is billed according to ownership percentage?

The way our system is designed, you can assign multiple clients(owners) to a horse, and the percentage for each. Once that’s done, billing for the horses activities are split up to each client. I’d encourage you not to setup your clients like “Horse ownership group A”, but rather split up ownership like the partnership is setup. Once you set it up correctly, things flow smoothly.

Here’s an example below:

Here you see a sample horse we have setup called Brothers Sister. Brothers Sister has two owners, Smith Racing and Tarheel Racing Partners. Now, let’s assume that we billed Brothers Sister for day rate of $85. If you look in Finance > Billing > Transaction History, you will see that $85.00 transaction recorded, with the ownership percentage attached to that transaction like below:




In this case, when the billing runs for Smith Racing, they will be charged 50% of $85 ($42.50), and Tarheel will be charged 50% of $85 ($42.50)…

We also have a way to enter individual charges to clients that are not tied to a horse, and obviously those charges go 100% to that client, as no horse ownership percentage is applied.