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Getting Started – First steps in iStable

Getting started with iStable… the basics of adding Facilities, Clients, People, and Horses

1. Facilities – In the Administration | Facilities menu select +Add Facility. 

2. Clients – the Client Entity represents the Individual or Business which owns one or more horses in your stable. Establish the clients who own the horse(s).

3. People – People represent the individual owners and general contacts associated with the Clients/Business

Key things to remember when adding a person.

  • If you want the individual to receive any of the automated notifications iStable offers be sure to associate the Persons account to the Client via the Client sub menu after creating the Person’s record.
  • If you want the individual to have the ability to login and view information about their horses via the web or mobile apps, then 1) toggle the System Access to “Yes”, 2) choose an appropriate User Group, and 3) optionally set the Send Access Email to “Yes” – upon doing so the system will send an email to the user with a link allowing them to establish their account and set their password.
  •  Choose role for person if they are an employee, farrier, vet, etc. Filling out this field is important in    other parts of the system such as creating a set list. Riders and grooms will be available as an option in the set list as long as they are given the role.
  • Notifications – Once the new person is saved, go to the notifications tab. Enable the notifications you desire for this person to receive. Notification Types

3. Horses – Adding a Thoroughbred horse is made very easy via the Jockey Club horse search.  Non Thoroughbred horse data may easily be added manually.

*After adding your horses you are ready to start entering multimedia, activities, notes, etc.