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Explaining the “Tracking” Status for Thoroughbred Horses

Thoroughbred horses may be set to a status of Tracking within iStable. Tracking status typically pertains to hoses that are no longer in a user’s direct care, however, the user desires to continue to receive pedigree updates, notice of entries,workouts and results, as well as quarterly pedigrees.

Horses in Tracking status maintain no additional functionality other than receiving the aforementioned data elements.

Automated Emails for horses in Tracking Status

iStable offers the following automated email notifications:

  • Race Entry
  • Race Result
  • Change Facility
  • Owner Notes
  • Documents and Multimedia
  • Workout
  • Pedigree Update
  • Set List

When a horse’s status is set to Tracking, the above emails will only be sent to People who have elected to receive them and who are designated as employees.