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Activity Pricing Overrides for a Client and/or a Client’s Horse


iStable allows for activity pricing to generally be maintained for your entire operation or you can be more specific and have unique pricing which varies by horse.  In addition to these standard approaches there are two levels of pricing overrides available to handle unique scenarios.

  • Client(Owner) Overrides – This allows for any unique prices which may exist for a specific Client (Owner) to be established and override the standard pricing established for an activity.
  • Client(Owner), Horse Specific Override – This override goes beyond the Client(Owner) level and allows for a specific price for a Client but only for specific horse(s).  All other horses will be priced at the normal rates for the Activity.


An Example

Assume you normally charge a Day Rate of $100.  The following examples demonstrate how to establish a client specific rate of $110 as well as a horse specific rate of $98 for those horses owned by this client (owner).


To add a Client (Owner) Override

Within the Client Menu select a specific client and then select the Client Pricing Overrides option.  At the top of the page select the +Add Pricing Override button.

Add Pricing Override


Next Select the Activity for which you want the standard Activity Center Pricing pricing to be overridden.  Enter the price and select to Save changes.

Add Client Activity Pricing Override


The system now displays the Activity and its override price for this Client.  Now when this Day Rate activity is recorded for any horses owned by this client, the price for this client’s share of ownership will be based on the override unit price.

Client Activity Override


To add a Client, Horse Specific Override

Assume this client owns multiple horses and you have negotiated a special rate on a particular horse different than the client level override price of $110.  Under the activity, you may now click the +Add Horse Pricing Override button (see image above).  Select a specific horse (only those owned by this client will be displayed), enter its override price and select Save changes.  Note, if you only have a horse specific override price and do not offer a general override price for the client as a whole, then add the Activity as described above but do not enter a client price (it is not a required field for a client).  Then proceed to add the Horse specific pricing override.

Add Horse Pricing Override


Below you see the Horse Specific override price of $98 in addition to the general client override price of $110.

Horse Specific Override



Price Display at time of Activity Entry and in Transaction History

The Unit Price Displayed when entering an Activity takes into account any pricing overrides which have been established.  Consider the following example.

A horse and its ownership and pricing override info is as follows:



The Total Unit Price of $88 is displayed when adding the Activity for the horse as presented below.




After adding the activity, viewing the Activity in the Transaction History by Client page shows that each client was billed their appropriate Unit Price at their ownership percentages for the particular horse.